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Queenies, Fades, & Blunts is an pop-up QTPOC beauty space curated by The Lonely Londoners featuring original works from Mojuicy (Mohammed Fayaz), Quilombo (Bryan Rodriguez), and Kareem Reid & Khaleb Brooks.

Curating a production of film and artwork from these local artists of color, The Lonely Londoners invite you to indulge in these abstract ideas of un/safe cultural spaces, herstories, hair stories, beautification and how these processes are experienced socially, culturally and politically. Submissions for a following zine are now open for print and online publication in August, which you can find here.

We want to see you all there. Join us for an early evening of refreshments & the sweetest vibes followed by papijuice​ Volume 14 at One Last Shag, with guest DJs Beto and Ushka of iBomba.

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